Retired Deputy Chief of the LAPD Endorses Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act

"]"]Stephen Downing, Deputy Chief LAPD - Supporter of regulation of marijuana like wine

Stephen Downing, Deputy Chief LAPD [Ret.

Stephen Downing 

retired Deputy Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, discusses the negative effects of marijuana prohibition. As an original drug warrior for president Nixon's "War On Drugs", Downing saw first hand how prohibition effected the lives of police officers, their families, and our nation.

Downing is an avid supporter of the movement to find resolution though LEAP* - LEAP members are mostly retired from their professions.

LATIMES: 2010| Members of the nonprofit organization * Law Enforcement Against Prohibition [LEAP] say that on-the-job experience has shown them the futility of trying to enforce laws prohibiting the possession and use of cannabis.

"I was with the LAPD when Nixon declared the 'war on drugs' over 40 years ago and was one of the 'generals' on the front lines who helped implement that same failed drug policy that is still in effect today,'' said Stephen Downing, a retired LAPD deputy chief of police.

"By keeping marijuana illegal, we aren't preventing anyone from using it," he continued. "The only results are billions of tax-free dollars being funneled into the pockets of bloodthirsty drug cartels and gangs who control the illegal market."

Deputy Chief Downing Speaks About The Practical Value In SUPPORTING Regulating Marijuana Like Wine

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 is written and supported by: Superior Court Judges, Police Officers, Retired Deputy Chiefs, Teachers, and Small Business Owners.


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