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Your donation is an investment in California, and every state in the nation - if not every person in the world affected by our failed War on Drugs. By declaring our rights and allowing the regulation of the marijuana trade like wine, we change the basis of the law to one in which society can deal with adult discretionary activity in a realistic and time proven manner. Your donation, right now, will stop the gateway effect that drug dealers have on our children.

In doing so, we will also enable a massive infusion into our economy and our state coffers. The wine industry contributes $68 Billion a year to California alone. Some speculate that marijuana is higher than that but only criminals get to see the benefit of it. We will instantly save tens of millions of dollars a year from reduced enforcement costs and bring several hundreds of millions of dollars a year to our State programs without creating any new or special taxes. Two million dollars puts us on the ballot; a 62% Yes vote demonstrated in our recent poll assures us that we win in 2012 with your help.

Please make an investment in our future and the safety of our kids right now, then tell a friend. $10, $20, or $100 from each of us adds up fast. It will be the best advice you get or give all year.