• Legalize by 2014 | Join Us as We Co-Author the BEST Initiative for ALL!

    Legalize by 2014 | Join Us as We Co-Author the BEST Initiative for ALL!

      Attention:  All Potential Co-Authors and Volunteers  for 2014 Marijuana Initiative in California by Steve Kubby, Campaign Manager, RM2014 Are you ready to finally legalize cannabis in California?     If so, it's to set aside our egos, our issues, and our private agendas to work together for victory in 2014.      We are serious in our mission to include everyone ...

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  • No Initiative On Ballot for 2012 We areRe-Grouping >>

    No Initiative On Ballot for 2012
    We are
    Re-Grouping >>

    RMLW2012 Failed to Make It To The Ballot ~ no initiative did ~ We are Re-Grouping!   Meet Up With Us Over at Regulate Marijuana 2014

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  • Will California Finally Legalize Marijuana?

    Will California Finally Legalize Marijuana?

        Study Shows 62% of California Voters Polled Favor Legalization LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 8. 2012—In November, 2010, a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana was narrowly defeated (53-46) in California. Convinced the time has come to legalize cannabis, activists are collecting signatures to place the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 ...

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